Preston Seventh-day Adventist Church
Preston Seventh-day Adventist Church
94 David Street, Preston, Victoria, 3072.
94 David Street, Preston, Victoria, 3072.

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Bible Study Toolbox
Test your knowledge of the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.
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South Pacific Division -Bible Study Guides
Focus on prophecyFocus On Prophecy-20 bookletsA chapter-by-chapter study of the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation from the "God Cares" approach. Booklets 1-7 focus on Daniel. Booklets 8-20 focus on Revelation. In full colour with review sheets. Use the course as a group study or in a seminar setting.
Here you can find Bible-study guides for adults, youth and children.

Adult Sabbath School Bible study guide -
The Seventh-day Adventist Church produces this Bible-study guide for adults. The guides focus on a new topic every three months.
Discovery courseDiscover-26 booklets
This course gives meaning to life and offers hope at the dawning of a new millennium. It gives spiritual answers to questions such as, "Where do we come from?" and "Where we are going?"
FocusOnProphecy Web:
Light of the World
Light Of The World-25 booklets
A modern-day look at the man who has made the greatest impact on human history. This is the real Jesus-the Jesus of the street and the workplace, not of the monastery or the cathedral.

Try Jesus
Try Jesus-24 booklets
With the growing public interest in spiritual realities, and in Jesus Christ particularly, many are asking, "Who is He?" "What did He teach?" "Are His ideas relevant today?" This course will help you answer these questions. The Bible is the textbook.

ClearView -
This is a set of study guides focusing on prophecy. It also includes articles that give a greater insight into the topic, commonly asked question and a glossary.

Bible Universe -
This site offers Bible studies in different languages. Topics of study range from: the Second Coming of Jesus Christ; the mystery of death; facts about diet and health; to the major end-time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Also includes sermons on various topics in the Bible.

Pastor Dave's Bible study for children -
An exciting and fun way for children to learn more about the teachings of the Bible.
Church Bible study guides
The Seventh-day Adventist Church produces these Bible-study guides for children. There are different study guides for each age group. The age groups are guides are:
Kids Bible Info -
A great site for children that includes stories and lessons on different Bible topics

RealTime Faith -
This site contains Bible-study guides for teenagers as well as a discussion forum.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church produces these Bible-study guides for youth and young adults -

Children, Teens & Young Adults - correspondence and online courses
Lets BeginLet's Begin-15 booklets
For seven- to nine-year-olds. Biblical principles are the basis of the character building stories and activities.
Lets ExploreLet's Explore-15 booklets
For 10-12-year-olds. Designed for the young inquiring mind, this course leads the child step-by-step in easy lessons through the great fundamentals of the Bible.

Ten QuestionsTen Questions For God-10 booklets
For 15-25-year-olds. What does God say about suffering? The end of the world? Sex? The occult? This course asks God! We don't claim to speak for God, but the Bible does.

Health, Lifestyle & Relationships
Taking ChargeTaking Charge Of Your Life-7 booklets
Based on the popular seminar by the same name, this course provides direction and motivation for those wanting to get the most out of life.

HealthHealth-12 booklets
A comprehensive and wholistic approach to health. A lifestyle course based on sound scientific principles and free of fads.


Relationship courseRelationships & Parenting -14 booklets
This course empowers individuals to understand exactly where their relationships are going and make the changes necessary to become healthier and happier. The second section is on Parenting (Topics 9-14) and is optional.

Digging up the PastDigging up the Past-12 booklets
This is the first of the 3 part popular Digging series. This course examines the archaeology of the Middle East, from the lands where the Bible story was lived. Includes 1269 hi-res. pictures.

Digging DeeperDigging Deeper-11 booklets
Presented in a similar format to Digging up the Past. You will explore topics such as 'The Ancient Greeks and the Life to Come,' 'Before History Began' and 'The Occult in Antiquity' and more. These guides look more closely at the biblical themes associated with archaeological finds. Prerequisite is Digging up the Past.

Digging up the FutureDigging Up The Future-10 booklets
The final course in the Digging series. Its fascination is in the combining of archaeological findings (the past) with selected biblical prophetic themes (the future). Prerequisite is Digging Deeper.

To enrol in a correspondence course contact the Adventist Discovery Centre:
Phone: +61 2 9847 2222
Fax: +61 2 9847 2200
Please note: These Bible-study correspondence courses are free for people in Australia and New Zealand.

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